The fresh event from story investigation, data handling, and you can viewing are firmly intermingled

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The fresh event from story investigation, data handling, and you can viewing are firmly intermingled

Three of these possible informants did not reply to the consult, whereas eight of your own 20 got remaining performing lives, and you may 10 informants was indeed retired otherwise was indeed probably retire in the future however, was basically thinking-employed. Due to the fact address classification consists of linguistic professionals, it was not hard for such ten informants to write narratives about their enjoy, and hence we’d ten centered, well-establish narratives to examine.

Considering and you can interpreting the fresh narratives

In this analysis, that with the literature and you may empirical studies abductively, we attempt to select brand new later community development of the informants both in and you will beyond Finland. Based on Fletcher (2007), narrative studies facilitate researchers to go not in the “what” together with “how” out-of entrepreneurship while having the ability to address commercially “why” such process migrate and you will stretch round the more cultures and you will contexts. For the narrative-centered research, the data which will be assessed of the researchers portray the narrators’ work to describe and translate by themselves through its own feel (White, 1989 locate inside the Mishler, 1990, p. 424.)

The focus is on knowing the situations one influence the fresh new informants’ decision to keep because mind-employed in the old many years. When composing brand new narratives, the new informants gave meaning on their event and you may methods, concurrently narrating on their own and their identities. The fresh new narratives give a method for handling the life history of the fresh informants. Therefore, the fresh new importance is found on the fresh informants’ very own perspectives and you will thinking. Informants not simply divulged information about its life, even so they also had an opinion on which occurred and on whatever they experienced, and also on which they might desire off their coming. Each of them evaluated the lady existence and you can gave they meaning, retrospectively contemplating as to why entrepreneurship remains within life.

The fresh new narratives was in fact analyzed by building causes up to for every single informant’s case. Following this step, theoretical ranks had been revised while the facts try checked-out again that with thematic investigation (McAlpine, 2016). Then narratives was indeed reviewed regarding a different direction, from inside the an iterative function, when you look at the perspective of five essential lifestyle and industry aspects: (1) family unit members and you can lifetime disease; (2) doing work records; (3) field layout; (4) means of entrepreneurship; and (5) reasons for thinking-employment. A map of your own biggest lives and you may job development stages away from for each and every informant was then detail by detail based on that it narrative investigation strategy. We now seek out this new conclusions of this investigation.


Most of the ten informants had certain exposure to entrepreneurship, possibly courtesy mind-work otherwise freelancing, in their professional path just before retiring, once the described in the column half a dozen from Table 2. A couple of informants did due to the fact salaried teams, and currently shared a career and you will notice-a position otherwise freelancing prior to their later years. Shortly after retiring, these informants went on being employed as worry about-operating otherwise freelancer linguists. Seven of the informants had been entrepreneurs, self-operating otherwise freelancers, ahead of retiring in addition they went on such field immediately after retiring. So it result is in accordance with the literature, where predicated on unicamente business owner inquiry, such as for instance a crossbreed make of combining later years and you may entrepreneurship has increased within the Finland, as the 26% (n = 1874) of your respondents reported that in addition to their entrepreneurship they’d good pension based on their paid off a position (Suomen yrittajat, 2019).

All our informants met with the same informative history even so they got different varieties of profession routes. All informants during the a specialist career (3) was in fact purchased its 1st degree profession, and you may was basically freelancer translators, teachers and you can specialists, and continued work as freelancers immediately after its later years. Those in synchronous work (5) was on the other hand inside salaried work in an office or perhaps in their individual people, and they also worked as freelancer translators and you will teachers. People that got explorative jobs (3) got located different varieties of perform and you will enterprises in which they may incorporate its competencies and record in almost any surroundings. It mutual freelance translating and you can exercises work for such as which have tourist and take a trip asking or which have tax guidance. None of our own informants got a linear, traditional industry street. Basically, the jobs was basically crossbreed because they all joint different methods from functioning and observed the very first training in a different way. Each of them created its competencies continuously, making its career ily words.

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